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Features you love


Using our product is relatively easy and getting everything set-up wont be to hard. You'll have the supreme-team on your side.


With the ability to listen to music and customize your playlist with either Soundcloud or Youtube so you can bang out to your hearts content!.


We take security very seriously over here at Supreme-One (Ironically). Rest assured that we aim to have a stable platform for you guys.

Instant Messaging

We've implemented a color coded instant messaging so that you can chat with your friends while away! No more bringing your computer to your bathroom!

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Do more with our app


Communicate with ease

Trust me we've all been there

Trying to keep up a conversation while having the need to run the bathroom is a pretty hard knock life. That is why we have implemented this feature because we believe that having the ability to message friends within the app is super important and doesn't that bring out a nice cherry ontop for an app?

Our chat bubbles are color coded similar to YoWorlds standards, and we made it easy on the eyes so that its readable yet concise. Emojis are in the works but don't worry that should be here soon :)


Youtube or Soundcloud?

That's a tough choice, we know. That is why we implemented it both for you guys. Sometimes you have a song that's available on Soundcloud but not youtube and vice versa. Songs are not stored on our servers but simply streamed to you guys!

If you have any other source of music that you would like us to implement let us know. It could be a radio station or podcast, we'll try our best to accommodate your needs.



Are my settings persistent?

Yes they are, we make sure that whatever settings (Supreme Settings) you toggle we make note of them so that the next time you load the mod those settings will be loaded back up.

Please be aware that as newer versions come out, settings may changed drastically requiring you to update to the latest version.


8/7 Support?

Well we can't offer 24/7 support because we're a pretty small team. However we will try our best to help you out.

The best places you can reach us is in the Supreme One Group

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Launch our App

We know you're aching to use our app. Hit the download button and get started.

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    Create an Account

    Create an account on our website. It's really a quick and simple process.

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    Fiddler or Charles

    That depends! If you're a Windows user, you should go with Fiddler. If you're a Mac or Linux user you should go with Charles (Fiddler isn't really stable for Mac & Linux users at the moment).

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    Load & Go

    Import our configurations for Charles or Fiddler to get going. Be sure to clear your cache!


Frequently Asked Questions

Mod isn't loading

Maybe its your SSL settings, reach us on facebook for extra help and we'll respond the same day.

There's a feature I would like to suggest

We're open to hear what you have to say, give your suggestions in our group.

How can I update my version

Simply put, you don't need to. We have set it up so that you guys can get automatic updates for SupremeOne. We'll notify you if theres an app update though.

Do you have a contract?

Do not tamper, sell, or find anyway to exploit the S1 system or you will be barred from Supreme One.

Download Anywhere

Available for all major mobile and desktop platforms. Rapidiously visualize optimal ROI rather than enterprise-wide methods of empowerment.

*Works on iOS 10.0.5+, Android Lollipop and above.

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